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What sort of people and events do you write poems for?

Absolutely anybody, for any occasion. However, there is naturally a bias towards poems used as gifts for people to mark special events in their lives, such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, retirements, etc.

What styles of poem do you write?

Whatever style the client wants; respectful, sentimental, romantic, leg-pulling; sometimes even “rude and crude”. Most clients do tend to like the poem to be humorous; light-hearted at least. However, as an example of the range of styles, I have written poems to be used as part of a funeral service.

How much does a poem cost?

A poem will cost £50. P&P is free worldwide.


What about the copyright of the poem?

You are free to use the poem as you wish, as long as no alternative claims to authorship are made. You are more than welcome to make multiple copies for family and friends.


I like to provide my clients with an additional "reading copy" of the poem. This will be on standard paper but will have notes, underlinings and pause marks, where necessary,  to help the reader provide the best possible delivery.

How do you gather the information to use as material for the poem?

I may ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire giving information about the subject(s) and the occasion the poem is for. A copy of the questionnaire is available below. It's a Microsoft Word document which can be opened by any word processor. Just download a copy, enter the information and then email it back to me.


However, it is good to speak to clients about their precise wishes and so it's probably best to call me to discuss your requirements. I can gauge the style of poem required much more effectively having spoken to you directly and listened to your descriptions and anecdotes about the subject(s) of the poem.

Questionnaire v4.doc
Microsoft Word document [119.5 KB]

Is postage and packing included in the cost?


Postage of poems is free world wide.


Does the client get an opportunity to approve the poem before delivery?

Absolutely. The first draft is sent to the client for approval (usually by email). It will go backwards and forwards as many times as necessary to ensure the client is entirely happy with the content and style.

How much notice is required?

It depends on the length of the poem and timing requirements of the current order book. You will appreciate that "thinking time" is part of the process. The longer notice the better, but I would always prefer at least 2 weeks notice.



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