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Children's Birthdays

"Happy 10th Birthday Jo"

This poem was written for a doting aunty to send to her 10 year old English niece who was living in France. 

On April the 11th, 

Back in 1987,

A special little girl was born,

Sent straight to us from heaven.


And now it is her birthday,

She's a decade, ten or dix,

Have you guessed yet who we mean?

Of course it's Jo, our niece.


Now ten's a special number,

The commandments tell us so.

As do the ten green bottles,

In the song which we all know.


And ten were in that famous bed,

Where one by one fell out,

And ten's the easiest table,

To learn without a doubt.


We love to spend a ten pound note,

And ten Francs can't be bad.

We need ten fingers and ten toes,

So thank your Mum and Dad!


On this year's birthday cake there'll be,

Ten candles you can blow,

So close your eyes, and make a wish,

And happy birthday Jo.

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