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My Special Nana

This poem was completed within 24 hours of receiving a call from a Grand Daughter who had just lost her beloved Nana. She wanted to read something personal at her funeral, which expressed how much she had meant to her and the rest of the family. She emailed me some fabulous information which helped me capture the spirit of this obviously very special lady.


Well here we are, the lucky ones,
Who've known Jean Dobson's love.
She's smiling now, that infectious smile,
With sister Rene, from above.

Number 6, Clarendon Crescent,
Will for us, for ever be,
The place of special memories,
Fun and hilarity.

We'll never look upon it,
As an empty, brick-built-shell,
But a century of good memories,
And great stories we can tell.

She raised a daughter and two sons,
Who are Andrew...Tony...Lynne.
And nurtured them 'til they produced
Five such loved next of kin.

Alex, Gabi, Jessica,
James and Lewis too.
Grandchildren who adored her,
As if she never knew!

How do we think of Nana?
We think “stubborn...caring...pretty”.
Then, remembering her fridge, recall
That place we called “cake city”.

Cornettos, cakes, confectionery,
That's what made Nana tick,
Strawberry tarts and Murray Mints,
Until you felt quite sick!

She'd always click the kettle on,
Her generosity knew no bounds.
She'd offer you a slice of cake,
Or one of her baked rounds!

Just ask one of her “Monday Girls”,
What being Jean's friend meant.
They'll tell you how much fun they had.
On that she was hell-bent!

Another favourite pastime,
Where she'd always have a ball.
Was her twice-or-three-times-weekly trip,
To the Gala bingo hall.

She always looked immaculate,
Her perm in perfect place.
Earrings to match each outfit,
And a smile upon her face.

As we all arrive at Deckers,
And each take up our seat,
We'll all recall her familiar chant,
“I'll have a starter and a sweet”.

Although we're here to say goodbye,
Nana's spirit hasn't gone.
It lives on in all of us each day,
So let's smile and carry on.

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