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"Guides Himalayan Expedition"

This poem was requested by a Guide Leader for her Guide troop prior to their trip to the Himalayas. She wanted to express her pride in each individual's endeavours.


Undeterred by hidden dangers,           

The Fife & Kinross Rangers,           

Have taken on a task that's hard to beat.        

Their Himalayan expedition,           

Won't be an easy mission,           

As they scale over twenty thousand feet. 


In a trying year of training,         

In the Lakes where it was raining,           

And the stifling Shropshire peaks they couldn't bear,           

From the snow up in Hellvelyn,         

To the boggy grass they fell in,           

The stamina of these six Guides is rare.   


There's Jill who's not been beaten yet,           

The Shropshire Peaks let's just forget!         

Stok Kangri? - well it's just a pile of rocks,           

We'll leave her at the Taj Mahal,           

If not the nearest shopping mall,         

If this time she forgets to pack her socks.   


The Ledakh region is hilly,           

So it may seem rather silly,           

That our Helen is just not that way "inclined",         

But it's still her sole intention,         

To complete this great ascension,         

Though half way up she'll wish she'd stayed behind. 


Now Grace must stay alert because,         

She has to keep an eye on Boz,         

Or she'll "slope" off to a concert (well, she'll try),         

With a yeti and a yak,           

In a little mountain shack,         

It'd be the only concert four miles high!           


Then there's Shelly the dark horse,         

Who spends weekdays on a course,           

Reading law, then at weekends she hits the road,           

She's been swotting up her rights,         

For when she hits the heady heights,         

She'll make sure that we all know our Mountain Code.     


All the training has been done,           

And so now begins the fun!           

It's time to prove you're good as any Scout,           

Budding Bonningtons are you,           

Who've toiled to make your dream come true,           

And we know you'll reach the top without a doubt.

"Flash Photographer"

This poem was requested by a successful local photographer as a way of advertising his services at a business networking meeting.


Do you run a haulage company

And fancy photos of your fleet?

Own a Garra Rufa fish spa,

And need picture-perfect feet?


Do you bake to-die-for cupcakes

And want to show them off?

Just call for Gary Williams,

I'm the photographic prof!


Do you build bespoke conservatories

And need the perfect ad?

Or have photogenic babies,

And you're the proudest mum and dad?


Do you specialise in organizing

VIP events?

Just call for Gary Williams

The best money you'll have spent!


D'you know a budding young Olympian

Training for the fastest mile?

Or run a dental practice

And need a photographic smile?


Are you planning something corporate?

Perhaps a sporting bash?

Just call for Gary Williams

I'll be with you in a flash!


Special memories to capture?

Your daughter's bridal gown?

The excitement of the wedding guests,

As they all gather round?


The brief glimpse of the garter,

On that very special day.

Don't call for Gary Williams...

...I'm already on my way!

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